I can’t even tell you what is happening to me in the Spirit right now.  I can’t even explain it.  There is a hush that has fallen over my spirit.  An awe.  How does God choose who to promote?  He looks at your heart.  Your hunger and your thirst for him.  He looks for someone who wants Him and only Him.  Someone who wants to see God glorified in the earth.  He looks for someone who believes that He is who he says he is.  Someone who follows hard after him.  Chasing after his presence.  He looks for that person who will wake up morning after morning, and stand in the temple courts, and wait to see if He will say something.  That person who would rather be a doorkeeper in the House of the Lord, than to dwell richly in the tents of the wicked.


Hunger for God.  Thirst for Him.  Pant after Him.  Refuse to let him go.  Chase after him like your life depends on it because it does.  Wake up while it is yet night and seek his face.  Get in the Word and read like a starving man.  Cry out for him.  Tell him that He is all you want.  If he is silent, sit in his presence and refuse to move until he speaks.  If he recedes chase him down, wooing him with your praise and your worship until his presence is manifested.  If he seems distant, you draw near to him until he draws near to you.  Talk to him constantly.  Refuse to be denied.  Hang on to Him for dear life.


This is the kind of person that God is looking for.  This is the person God promotes in the realm of the spirit.  This is the person who will gain access to places in God that others may not enter.  He will sit in the counsel of the Almighty.  He will hear the secret counsel of God.  He will sit among the great men of the Kingdom in heavenly realms where others may not sit.  He will sit at the round table of deliberation with Daniel, Moses, Elijah, and other great men of times past in the Kingdom of Heaven, and legislate in the earth.  There are realms you have not yet accessed.  They are not out of bounds for you, but you must pay the price for access by your pursuit of God.


Be this person!