The first 3 chapters of the Bible should be read, and re-read, and re-read until the full light of day shines through. This will bring a clear understanding of the rest of the Bible. Deep, deep chapters!


If you can understand that the whole of creation was God setting a stage for man. It is God preparing a habitation for human beings. Then he planted Adam a garden in Eden, and he and his descendants after him were supposed to expand Eden into the rest of the earth. God had desired a family to fellowship with, and it is demonstrated by the picture of God coming to spend time with Adam in the cool of the day.


His assignment was set – expand Eden into the entire earth. Work was going to be a pleasant activity that always bore fruit because he was already blessed to be fruitful in all he did, to have dominion, to multiply, to replenish the earth, and to subdue it. Every tree in Eden was pleasant to look at and good for food. He never had to worry about provision. Work was about fulfilling his assignment, it was not about eking out a living. He enjoyed his work because it was his purpose. Job’s words in Job 36:11 just highlight what Eden was: It was a life of prosperity and pleasure.


Enter the serpent, and with that the fall of man, and things changed. The ground that used to sprout trees that were pleasant to look at and good for food by default, now started to sprout thorns and thistles. The provision that God had availed Adam ceased. Now in order to eat he had to go through painful toil, the sweat of his brow. Work stopped being about assignment and became about finding unga (daily sustenance). The blessing had ceased and the curse was now in operation. This earth-curse system is what we are born into and all our lives we are trained to study hard, go to university so that it will be easier for you to find unga. And today, even after all that, jobs are scarce and unga is even harder to find.


The rest of the Bible is God trying to bring man back to Eden. The old covenant, even though it was not perfect, was about bringing man back to Eden (also called the promised land). The new covenant, now perfected, is also about bringing man back to Eden (also called The Kingdom of God). The day you got born again you stepped over the border into the promised land – The Kingdom of God. Now you need a paradigm shift to stop thinking and living like someone who is still under the earth-curse system and begin to operate like someone who is living under the blessing. You are already in Eden! Live it!