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Newton’s first law of motion basically says that an object will remain at rest (stagnant), or keep moving in a straight line at the same rate of speed, unless a force acts on it.  When it comes to spiritual matters, or issues in our lives, things will stay the way they are, or keep moving at the pace they are, unless a force acts on them.  This force, is released through prayer as we saw in yesterday’s post. Basically, nothing in your life will move until you move it!

What we must understand is that our warfare is never against flesh and blood.  The force you are exerting is not exerted in the physical realm.  It must be exerted in the spiritual realm because the spiritual rules over the physical.  Unless things shift in the spiritual first, they will never shift in the physical.  So in order to pray effectively, you must take your eyes off the physical, and peer into the spiritual dimension, working things at that level until you breakthrough in the spiritual realm.

Let me give you an example with Daniel.  In Daniel 10, Daniel has been fasting for 3 weeks.  Now fasting releases even greater power or force in prayer to bring about change.  For 3 weeks he was exerting force in the spiritual realm.  When the Angel finally broke through to him, he said I have been fighting to get to you, and the prince of Persia withstood me.  The prince of Persia is a demonic ruler in the heavenlies.  He was ruling over the territory of Persia and because he was ruling, Cyrus the Persian was in Power on the earth.  He was not in power because Cyrus the Persian was ruling on the earth.  It is the other way around. Cyrus the Persian had been enthroned by this demonic ruler, albeit with God’s permission.

Before the Angel left he said to Daniel, I am returning to fight with the Prince of Persia, but when I am gone, the Prince of Greece will come.  Guess which kingdom overpowered the Kingdom of Persia? It was the Kingdom of Greece! The battles are first worn in the spiritual realm before they can manifest in the natural realm.  This is true in national matters and it is true in personal matters as well.

What I’m I saying? To be effective in prayer you must exert force in the spiritual realm.  Things will continue in their state of stagnation or will continue moving as they are now, until you exert a force to push them forward and in the direction you need them to go.  Always, always, ALWAYS, fight your battles in the Spiritual realm and keep at it until you feel that confirmation in the Spirit that it is a done deal.  This is what we call persistence in prayer.  Don’t just pray once or twice. Pray until you get that confirmation in your spirit that it is done.

It took Daniel 21 days with prayer and fasting to get the confirmation he needed.  Sometimes you too will need to add fasting to your prayers so that you can release greater force and bring about results faster.  Always remember that prayer is a force.