This article is the 3rd in a series on effective prayer. The first article can be found here.

One of the challenges most believers have is that they go into the prayer closet to TELL God.  They don’t go to listen.  Instead of prayer becoming a conversation between them and God, it is them telling God, and once they finish what they are saying they walk out.  This can become very tedious.  Prayer is a CONVERSATION.  You speak and listen.  He speaks and you respond.  He directs you how to pray and you do that.  The victory comes in listening to the directives coming from Him and following them.  Only then can you be effective.

When you pray, you should remain alert in your spirit.  Keep an ear out for his voice.  Start with praise, worship, and thanksgiving. Love on him with your words, your emotions, your intellect, and everything you’ve got.  And also receive his love. Open your heart as you worship and receive his love for you.  God calls you the apple of his eye (Zechariah 2:8, Psalm 17:8, Deut 32:10.)  That means you are precious to him.  He says that he rejoices over you with singing (Zephaniah 3:17)!  Think of a God who soothes you with songs of love.  It’s an intimate love relationship – You and God.

Always ask the Holy Spirit to pray through you and to guide you on how to pray.  The Bible says that we know not how we ought to pray (Romans 8:26).  Many times we know what we want to pray for, but we don’t know how to go about it.  Always, Always, ALWAYS, rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance with prayer. 

I was praying for the Nation last year and I was listening for prayer directives as I went.  God started to tell me to scatter a meeting in the heavenlies.  I began to pray and scatter that meeting.  As I prayed I could see a long rectangular table, and demonic spirits were sitting around that table strategizing about the nation of Kenya. 

I felt led to clap my hands and scatter them in their meeting in Jesus name, and suddenly they jumped up and began to run away from their meeting.  I kept on praying until I got that confirmation in my spirit that it was done.  One of the reasons why I know that this Nation is going to be just fine, is because I know that God is concerned for us and is watching over us.  I know because I have been in the place of prayer about it.

In my own natural way of praying, I would have been praying the usual prayers. Lord I repent on behalf of our leaders and of the people of Kenya.  Lord give us peace. Lord help us to love one another.  These are not bad prayers, but they are not what was needed in that hour.  What God wanted me to do at that moment was to scatter a strategy meeting in the heavenlies.  Who knows what the results of that prayer were? Perhaps that prayer foiled plans for bloodshed and brought peace to the nation.  Pray as you are led by the Spirit of God.

Make this your practice from today when you go into the place of prayer. Worship the Lord and listen for direction.  If you get an impression to clap your hands, do that. If you have an impression to rebuke something, do that.  If you get an impression to speak peace over someone of a situation do that.  If he speaks a verse to your spirit, grab your Bible and read it.  Soon you will begin to hear a lot more in the closet, and your prayer times will be amazing!  Soon your problem will be that you won’t have enough time for prayer.  Literally you will have to cut short prayer time to go to work, or to sleep, or some other place because you will be going for hours on end.

Practice makes perfect even in the things of God.  Practice hearing and doing. Practice listening and responding.  This is how you will grow in the place of prayer and become a lot more effective than you are right now.