I just had a light bulb moment. 9 years ago I got a job that paid me more than I had ever been paid before. I was taking home above 6 figures for the first time. Well, the Lord spoke very clearly to my heart that for the first 3 months of working at this job I was to give 3/4 of my salary, an amount that was also in the 6 figures, every month to my Church.

Well, you can imagine what happened to my flesh. It arose in all its might. I protested so loud to God because as far as I was concerned the money had been given for me to enjoy. I was not about to give that much money. But God is just rock solid. All my whining, complaining, and throwing tantrums didn’t move him. He had told me what he wanted and it was up to me to obey or disobey.

I kept thinking of all the things I had wanted to do with that money. I had been waiting for an opportunity like this so I could finally enter rest, and have all those things I had been wanting to buy, and here was God telling me to give him 3/4 of my salary for 3 months. After a lot of fussing I decided to do what God had asked me to do, but it was so difficult to do.

Well, I had been telling God how I would be a good steward of his finances, but when the money finally landed in my hands I just about lost it. I was begrudging God that which he had given me. Had he not given it to me, I would have nothing at all. The 1/4 that was left for me was more than enough to meet my needs. It isn’t like he was leaving me to suffer, and it was only for 3 months!! But no, something rose up in me when I had the money, and I wanted to clutch at it and hang on to “my” money.

photo courtesy of pixabay

This morning the Lord showed me that that is a spirit of covetousness. God has already given me what I need, but I want what is his as well, and also that which is for the needy in the portion he has put in my hands. A good steward understands clearly that the money in his or her hands does not belong to him or her. It is the Lord’s!! The steward is simply a distributor of the funds. So the AMOUNT to be distributed, and WHERE it is to be distributed is an ORDER that comes from above!!

As a steward the Lord will always make sure that you are amply supplied, so he will never leave you without. But there are seasons when he will require you to give more, and other times he will require you to give less, depending on the NEEDS within your sphere of influence that HE WANTS TO SUPPLY through you! You are not called to be a dam. You are called to be a river. Let the finances flow through you to wherever they need to go and don’t dam up the flow by hoarding.

Covetousness!! Who knew?!!! You can covet that which belongs to the Lord and that means that avarice and greed are in your heart. You better rebuke that devil!! Declare that you are rich towards God.

We must prepare for the transfer of wealth because it is going to happen, but only the ready will be able to handle it. God would rather you get to heaven with just enough to meet your own needs than give you plenty of wealth and lose your soul to hell. For what shall it benefit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? If he is going to give you untold wealth, he will make sure that your soul is preserved as well.