Money is interesting and the history of money is even more interesting than the money itself. Paper money started really as a promissory note that was backed by real gold. An IOU if you may. However, with the abolition of the gold standard, money became a promissory note backed by nothing. It’s an IOU on air. Nothing there!

That said money is a medium of exchange. They say that it makes the world go round. The world of commerce and industry revolves around money and without it there is no buying or selling. Money is so important, even prophetically, that in the last days in that final epic battle between good and evil none will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast (Rev 13:17).

They say that there is enough wealth in the world that if it were distributed to each of the 7 billion people in the world, there would be more than enough to meet our needs. However, money is smart! It only gravitates to those who understand the rules of having and keeping it. For the rest, they touch it, but it slips through their hands like water through a sieve. These are the majority on the earth. For money to stick with you, you need to understand the rules that govern it.

Money is a triune ‘being’. It has a spiritual aspect, a soul aspect, and a physical aspect. Here is what I mean:

Spirit: Money has two commanding officers only. 1) Jehovah God. 2) Mammon. Both are spirits and you cannot serve both at the same time. You have to either serve God or serve mammon. No grey areas. No two ways about it. Read Matthew 6:24 KJV.

Soul: Money takes on the soulical identity of the person who holds it. If the person is a miser, then it can be hoarded. If the person is a giver, then it can be re-distributed. If the person is an investor then it can grow. If the person is a spender, then it can be lost. Depends on who is holding it.

Physical: Money comes from trees or rather it is printed on paper that comes from trees.  Therefore money is really a plant. It is part of what man was supposed to have dominion over. Money must be properly stewarded in the physical if it is to give you the returns you hope for. If proper stewardship is there, under the command of either God or Mammon, handled by a human being, then it will continue to grow, multiply and work as a slave for the holder and for the kingdom under which he or she operates (Genesis 1:28-29).

So in order to properly have dominion over wealth and money you need to begin by picking sides in the spiritual realm. Your choices are Jehovah God or Mammon. Once you pick your master, you need to find your master’s rules for wealth creation and then follow them.